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Car Buying Trends: How Consumers’ Behavior Changed Over Time

Car manufacturers and auto parts suppliers continue to look into the ever-evolving demands and expectations of consumers. Most of them strive to produce better products that they believe will entice more people to purchase a new vehicle. Unfortunately, offering upgraded vehicle versions require an increase in costs. This means potential clients are obliged to pay

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Three Secrets to Your Car Music You Should Know by Now

Well, if you’re driving around without music then you may have lived through one of the most boring experiences in everyday life. Music and cars are like french fries and champagne. They go well hand in hand. Take one from the other and down your adrenaline goes. Luckily, the car music experience today isn’t as

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Jacked-up: Car Lifting During a Grand Prix

The fastest tire change in Formula One was performed by the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team. During the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, they changed a full set of wheels in 1.82 seconds. It was the team’s third record of the season, which started on the Silverstone circuit at the British Grand Prix, where they

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