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Workplace Health: Serious Diseases Your Employees Can Spread

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, health and safety became the biggest trend in all types of workplaces. Every industry started implementing its own health protocols, some stricter than usual. After knowing how fast the COVID-19 virus can spread within a closed space, no one could afford to risk themselves, so everyone took their own

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Three Sustainability Trends That Are Shaping the Global Food System

Finding the balance between food demand and supply in the most sustainable manner is one of the most critical challenges for mankind. The increasing awareness of environmental issues has accelerated sustainability-driven investments in different industries, including food and beverage. As consumers realize their impacts on food consumption and production and climate change becomes an ever-increasing threat,

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The Smart Factory: Tips for Sustainable Manufacturing

Manufacturing is essential across businesses and industries, big or small. But despite being one of the most crucial parts of the capitalist supply chain, manufacturing operations are still plagued with inefficiencies. While many corporations continuously push for leaner manufacturing, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. For one, manufacturing is still a big contributor to

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Function and Form: How Do You Achieve Both in Your Garden?

A garden is an investment. It doesn’t only add to the value of a property, but it also helps the people around them to relax and slow down. Seeing a garden engages a lot of our senses: sight, smell, and touch. It helps calm us down, inspires us, and fosters a connection with nature. Form follows function.

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The Landscape of Business Technology After the Pandemic

COVID-19 has been one of the biggest global events that will likely change the way international and local society works. From disruption of international supply chains to upending the economy, the major health crisis shone a light on so many archaic procedures that needed changing. With the rollout of vaccines, new remote work conditions across

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How Businesses Can Soar After the Pandemic

This current situation has taken its toll mostly on businesses, whether they’re new or they’ve been long-time players in the industry. The quickness in which the pandemic forced them to close has never been seen before in history. It also single-handedly jump-started a recession, the likes of which were last seen in 2008. So much

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Personal Development Goals for Improving Professional Life

While personal development seems to be a bit broad, professional growth focuses on performance-related goals like promotions and salary raises. According to experts, this is commonly associated with hard skills, from proficiency in software or language or data analysis. But while personal and professional growth tends to be too different circles, they overlap in certain

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Pests Are Bad for Business: Reasons Why You Should Keep Pests Away

Pests can wreak havoc and spread diseases that could compromise people’s health and well-being. Most people think that pests only plague residential buildings. However, pests can also infest your business premises and compromise your reputation as well as the safety of your employees. If you notice signs of a pest infestation, you need to call

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Wellness at Work: Ways to Support Your Employees’ Well-Being

Many people, especially employers, assume that job applicants and employees want a hefty paycheck the most. But in reality, they value good benefits packages over high pay. They seek employers who offer benefits that support their health and well-being, especially today, with a pandemic yet to be eradicated. But even before the onset of COVID-19,

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