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Keys to Using the Internet for Building Your Brand

Not everyone can establish a brand identity. Let alone use technology to attract audiences their business is focused on. It’s said that the internet is now one of the most viable media for branding. It’s low-cost and accessible. There are so many things a business must go through first before getting their brand known online,

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Expanding a Business during a Pandemic

Business expansion during a pandemic is challenging, especially if the market is still recovering from the effects of an economic downturn. The US real gross domestic product (GDP) declined significantly in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the previous quarter after the pandemic saw businesses closing across the country. The situation has improved over

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Great Ways to Improve Your Business

There are plenty of ways to improve a starting enterprise. Here are three of the best ones to consider. A Man of Many Hats Many experts and corporate gurus believe in the value of creating specialists. In simple terms, a specialist is an individual who excels at one area, such as sales or marketing but

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Save Money and Get a Tax Break by Going Green

Summary: The article details how companies can benefit from green policies through savings on electricity bills and tax cuts from Section 179D incentives. The biggest companies and corporations adopt green policies more from sheer profit than a real desire to save the environment. Green policies can cut a company’s overhead without high costs. The government

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Workplace Health: Serious Diseases Your Employees Can Spread

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, health and safety became the biggest trend in all types of workplaces. Every industry started implementing its own health protocols, some stricter than usual. After knowing how fast the COVID-19 virus can spread within a closed space, no one could afford to risk themselves, so everyone took their own

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Three Sustainability Trends That Are Shaping the Global Food System

Finding the balance between food demand and supply in the most sustainable manner is one of the most critical challenges for mankind. The increasing awareness of environmental issues has accelerated sustainability-driven investments in different industries, including food and beverage. As consumers realize their impacts on food consumption and production and climate change becomes an ever-increasing threat,

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The Smart Factory: Tips for Sustainable Manufacturing

Manufacturing is essential across businesses and industries, big or small. But despite being one of the most crucial parts of the capitalist supply chain, manufacturing operations are still plagued with inefficiencies. While many corporations continuously push for leaner manufacturing, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. For one, manufacturing is still a big contributor to

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Function and Form: How Do You Achieve Both in Your Garden?

A garden is an investment. It doesn’t only add to the value of a property, but it also helps the people around them to relax and slow down. Seeing a garden engages a lot of our senses: sight, smell, and touch. It helps calm us down, inspires us, and fosters a connection with nature. Form follows function.

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