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Expanding Your Business: 5 Effective Ways to Branch Out

After a couple of years of seamless operations, growth, and income, it’s only natural for business owners to expand their brand. Although branching out your business may involve some risk, so it’s wise if you consider your choices first before diving into a new sector. To make it easier for you, here are five effective

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Creative Strategies on Making Captivating Window Displays

Brick-and-mortar retailers took a major hit in 2020. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, most consumers took to the internet for their shopping needs. But one can argue that even before the pandemic hit, physical stores had already been fighting a losing war with e-commerce players like Amazon. Physical retail stores will have to fight a

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Resorts as a Business: Starting One on a Budget

Setting up your very own resort has always been a dream for a lot of people. Having your facilities designed for recreation and relaxation will attract tourists and visitors from all walks of life. It’s also known for being a worthwhile investment, especially real estate value will increase as time goes by. Of course, when

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Five Reasons Why Organic Skincare Products Are Better For You

Practicing proper skincare is essential since the skin is the largest barrier against infection that a person has, and keeping your skin healthy makes it smoother and stronger. Making small adjustments like adding tinted windows to your car and your home, while staying out of the sun can protect your skin by preventing sun damage

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Three Global CEOs Who Embody Leadership and Discipline

In a world that has forever changed by the coronavirus pandemic, it will take a unique style of leadership, dedication, and discipline to bring businesses forward to the new normal. And while many chief executive officers (CEO) fall under the bracket of intelligence and innovativeness, very few are valued leaders of their companies. So, what

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How to Keep Your Boating Dealership Afloat During Off-Season

During spring and summer, the weather is nice enough for people to get out of the house to warm their bones. There is activity everywhere; young people are swimming and sunbathing, older folks sit by the water to fish, kids are running around and yelling, and families have picnics. It is challenging to run a

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Home Tricks to Ensure You’re Breathing Clean Air

Forest wildfires are currently ravaging the West Coast. A highly infectious, flu-like disease has placed the world in a state of calamity. We are fighting a slew of invisible enemies—smoke, harmful pollutants, and potentially an airborne disease. With the intermittent lockdowns and quarantines, more people are forced to spend most of their day at home.

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Should Training Programs in Businesses Stay During a Pandemic?

How can businesses survive during these tough economic times? How are businesses still managing to open their doors every day? If there’s one thing we should understand about a business, it is this: good workers allow a business to survive. The success of every entrepreneurial venture rests on your sacrifice and efforts, as well as

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